Reframing Your Lens: Why its ok to Be Yourself

Too often in this life we gravitate to things that gives us a dopamine rush. We love the excitement of life, the pleasures that comes from these experiences and just this overall fascination with feeling good about life. Is that bad or good? What is it that takes us away from our power and gives us temporary pleasure as a coping mechanism?

When we look at the root of the problems we are having oftentimes, it’s something that we were sent to earth to uncover. Those deep-seated issues that we all struggle with could be blessings in disguise. Personally, my emotional attachment to sex is something that has plagued my life since the age of 10.

I wasn’t engaged in sex at that early in life, but I was exposed to the idea of sex through nude magazines. Now, that I look back on the sentiments of those early pre-teen years there was still much to be uncovered that was overlooked by my forbearers.

Oftentimes, we are blinded to the reality of a nagging thorn until we can find the system that snatches the power from the misaligned and mismanaged emotional state.

Given Covid-19, economic turmoil, climate change, family breakdowns, loss, government intervention and a sleuth of other issues that confronts our daily path; its only right that you learn how to reframe your lens.

Reflect & take inventory on what’s at your disposal: What are your strengths? What can you lean on in times of crisis? What’s you go to thing when you need to express yourself? These questions are good at provoking a response from your inner mind. Think deeply about these questions.

Be patient & Seek to change the world through your Gifts: Once you tap into a small part of who are or that thing you love to do; share it with the world. Trust me someone is always watching and listening. Fake Social media has trained the mind to believe that likes and shares indicates the value of a man’s true ambition.

Be open to reconstructing a new life: Once you feel that you can start to make inroads into creating something of value; don’t stop and keep pushing your narrative forward. It will take time but once you find that niche nurture yourself in that space. Become familiar with the new territory and live in that space until new opportunities swing open to advance your cause.

Express yourself & give those sentiments to the world: Know that it is OK to be yourself. In the age of fake everything, you and your authentic self may feel the pressure to conform in order to be accepted, liked, loved or part of the group. You no longer have to shelter your identity. Speak up. Live your best life and use your most dominant gift as a power which will ultimately gives you the impetus to reframe your lens.

Know that it is OK to be yourself. Stand in your truth and be ok with the results that come from your desire state. You will do just fine. Continue to listen and learn how to process your experiences. You are in Control.




Founder, BLKPOSTR MEDIA™️ | Researcher, Writer, Mentor, and Educator. I talk about personal experiences related to social issues of the heart.

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Tyrone Brackens, MBA

Tyrone Brackens, MBA

Founder, BLKPOSTR MEDIA™️ | Researcher, Writer, Mentor, and Educator. I talk about personal experiences related to social issues of the heart.

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