My Secret Life as a CIA Book Assassin & Why we need resilience in our Black Studies.

I just left my group study and my professor talked about the importance of a Sapiosexual in these changing times. I was like what are you talking about because that was a term I never heard. I immediately went to google and to my surprise the definition fits me to the letter.

Google defines a Sapiosexual as a “a person is sexually attracted to highly intelligent people, so much so that they consider it to be the most important trait in a partner”. I was floored because all of my life I had hidden my Kayne West moment “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy which by the way was Kayne’s fifth studio album.

At one point in life, I loved the idea of an intellectual female, studying in the cafe, drinking Starbucks conversing over Russian Espionage. Having three older brothers I remember them always pushing and prodding me to talk to girls not understanding it was intelligence and not sex that moved my needle.

Nevertheless, it was through my subsequent academic failures that prompted a new reality of black intellectualism and the collection of over 1000 + books in my library. I am a CIA Book Assassin. I love reading & watching documentaries about philosophy, Astrology, Russian Espionage, Black Culture, China, Blackjack, Hip-Hop Culture, Rap Beefs, sports, pasta eating contests, weightlifting, spirituality etc.

I love teaching and mentoring black men on what it means to be educated in the 21st century. When you think of the word Black Studies it's a connotation that boxes in this idea that the literature should come from an Afrocentric perspective. And from my challenge of reading over 100 books in lifetime gave me a different perspective.

Its’ about being resilient in our efforts as it relates to this digital age. We understand that content is king and that film, motion picture, documentaries, and news is leading the charge for this Millennial and Gen Z substratum. I would consider myself a late-stage millennial at the ripe age of 40 and yet I will not give up in my pursuit for getting my voice out into the world.

As for Black Studies, we must remember that it encompasses much more than our own history and pursuit of economic liberation. As a fan on black intelligence, I will continue to advocate for “Black Readers”, “Books as a tool for black liberation” and “Media as the best tool for Reeducating Black Men back in this new world post America’s Pluto Return.

Until Next Time my friends. Peace.




Founder, BLKPOSTR MEDIA™️ | Researcher, Writer, Mentor, and Educator. I talk about personal experiences related to social issues of the heart.

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Tyrone Brackens, MBA

Tyrone Brackens, MBA

Founder, BLKPOSTR MEDIA™️ | Researcher, Writer, Mentor, and Educator. I talk about personal experiences related to social issues of the heart.

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