Knowledge+ Game= Real Self Confidence


The American writer, historian, and philosopher Will Durant states that “Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance: and while this statement is true there is a deeper message behind these words that I wish to explore.

In this life we all search for a way to live out our highest ambitions. True to life our paths are often fraught with hardships and misappropriations of the unknown.

And yet, we struggle in many ways to actualize our genuine self. The process alone is one only for the brave.

The creative and genuine self is often discovered in seasons of out life; that never align to the person we think we are. Why is it that when things feel wrong, they are actually right, and when things feel right, they are actually wrong? If you are to take your game to the next level a reckoning must happen around your ability to discern what’s influencing your motivation for existing.

When I was a sophomore in college, I remember hating the limelight, and preferred a more sociable environment around people of kin and like mind. Putting myself out there or participating in college activities and clubs just didn’t appeal to my senses. I understood the assignment around self-discovery but came to realize that my path and process would be something I would have to search extremely hard for.

Knowledge + Game = Real Self Confidence

The more I was able to read, study, watch and partake in the game of life, the more tips, secrets, and tricks of the trade I was able to learn about finding my identity in a world that shuns self-pride. One of the reasons for this “Life of Education” project is to showcase how our paths can take us in many directions only to bring us back into our own awareness of our unique contributions to the world.

The more information you have, the more game you have. The more you know, the more you flow. In addition, that information begins to translate into a workable knowledge base that can be carries beyond your current reality. Could you imagine writing a book that will be read by your great great grandchildren?

Wouldn’t it be a just a phenomenal course of action to carry your swag into the future? The game then is to be played at a higher frequency. You must make your mind a comfort zone for knowledge to dwell. The Universe seeks sharp minds that can carry pools of knowledge for the advancement of humanity.

As you continue to progress and tap into the essence of who are deep within, the game will change and offer you a unique opportunity to be, do and have the things that makes the most sense in this world. My confidence has shot through the roof by my decision to educate and learn how to navigate this world.

A new truth formulates the older you get in this world that can’t be found in no book, college lecture, professor, mentor, teacher, parent, or confidant. It’s your truth. It’s your honest assessment of the world. It’s your framework of what should make sense as you go about living your truth.

Remember, Confidence is about the accumulation of Knowledge. The more you know the more space you give yourself to speak from the heart. The more information, knowledge, and intelligence you have about a vast array of subjects, the more confident you will feel about moving in a direction that is foreign to your peers.




Founder, BLKPOSTR MEDIA™️ | Researcher, Writer, Mentor, and Educator. I talk about personal experiences related to social issues of the heart.

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Tyrone Brackens, MBA

Tyrone Brackens, MBA

Founder, BLKPOSTR MEDIA™️ | Researcher, Writer, Mentor, and Educator. I talk about personal experiences related to social issues of the heart.

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